Dr. Fred Clemenz

Happiness And Sunshine

Kim Bowen

My Dad was happiness and sunshine to me. I could not wait for him to come home. He worked long hours, but when he came home, he was not just a wonderful father, but he was also a great playmate. He spent hours swimming, skiing, playing games, especially card games, playing tennis, and I could go on and on. Oh, the joy he brought to us.

All of his children played with him, and sometimes Dad would be so tired from work, he would fall asleep as we climbed all over him on the floor of the den as if he was a gym set.

As we grew up. Dad taught us values and a set of morals to follow in life, to love unconditionally and to care for others. We relied on him.

Even in death, Dad gave to others, through his Gift of Body Donor. I am proud to be one of his children.

I will remember Dad with joy and happiness, I always felt loved by my Dad and I still feel loved by him.