Dr. Fred Clemenz

An Honorable Man

Chuck Bowen

I first met Fred at age 19. His daughter ,Kim, and i had started dating, and she wanted me to meet her parents.The meeting went well and before long I was part of the ever expanding Clemenz clan. What i quickly learned was that Fred was a very giving, honorable and loving man. As the saying goes, when someone shows you who they are the first time,believe them. That was Fred. What you saw was what you got, not a man of airs, but certainly a man of accomplishment. Born poor, Fred worked hard to obtain a college degree, working and attending classes simultaneously. One day the football coach saw this young muscular man, and asked if he was interested in coming to play for the football team. Fred said sure, though he said he wasn’t very good. That might have been the last thing Fred tried in that he didn’t reach proficiency, as he quickly became a very good water skier, tennis player, and was known for his excellent singing voice and his bridge playing abilities.

Through the US Air Force, Fred obtained a medical degree, and attained the rank of bird colonel through 20 years of service. A life just based on the above would be a good one, but Fred was also a family man, and reveled in fatherhood. He passionately loved his children, their spouses, and his grand/great children. He was in remarkable physical shape til the very end, as he exercised vigorously, engaging in playing games with his grandchildren and great grandchildren, tending to his roses, and playing bridge ,with his loving wife,Carol. One of his life time loves was reading and learning, always peppering all of us with questions of past and present historical activities, along with vigorous political debates. He was lucky to have a wealth of friends, not surprising given his gregarious personality. He was loved ,admired and adored by all his children and their spouses, and it was my true honor to be a member of his clan, knowing his loving embrace, and his acceptance. Indeed he lived a long life, but a life well worth living. I will forever miss you Fred, I just hope I can come close to your standard as a wonderful spouse and father.