Dr. Fred Clemenz


Kimberly Cooney

Wednesdays. These are the days I will remember the most. My mother had these days off and Papa would frequently be there when we got home from school. The activities changed but his presence remained constant. As a child, it was sitting down at the piano to sing while he played. As an adolescent, it was trying to remember the things he taught me or expected me to learn since his last visit because he would absolutely ask about them at the dinner table. As a young adult, it was skiing on Lake Murray when we’d get the chance. It was when he pushed my sister off the boat and giggled that I realized that this man who always wanted me to learn something was pretty fun. As a college student, it was meeting at the Summit club for lunch or he’d drop off ridiculous amounts of milk, canned chicken soup, and mouthwash from the commissary. As a PA Student, it was talking about rotations while visiting him and Grammy in Hilton Head or meeting for dinner in Savannah. As an adult, it was talking about my patients while he sat making faces and joking with my nieces and mother on my lunch break. As a mother, it was realizing just how much he loved us grandchildren by watching him read to my own child and splashing us in the pool. So over the years the activities changed but my Papa stayed the same. I will forever be grateful for all the Wednesdays and any other days that I got to spend with him and I look forward to the one when I’ll see him again.